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What we do to help

Selling a home can be a daunting task, especially if you’re quite unfamiliar with related real estate jargon and the local market in general. This is why it’s common for home sellers to hire respective seller’s agents to do the bulk of the work for them. So what exactly does a seller’s agent do and how can the Marquee Real Estate help you sell your home?

What is a seller’s agent?

A seller’s agent has one main duty: to help you sell your property to your best interests at heart. He or she is legally bound to represent your interests during the sale, especially in the negotiations, and make sure you get to sell your home for the right price. On the other side of the fence is the buyer’s agent, who represents the home buyer’s interests and ensures his or he client buys their dream home.

Selling your home with Marquee Real Estate

Marquee Real Estate is a full-service real estate company. The team’s diverse background means you can rely on Marquee Real Estate to represent you as your seller’s agent. The Marquee Real Estate will:

  • Help you determine the right price for your property. Aside from providing a comparative market analysis (CMA) to aid you in pricing your home, the Marquee Real Estate team will study current market conditions and the local real estate landscape in general. The end result is an attractive listing price that will catch the eye of serious home buyers.
  • Prepare your property. Prepping your house for sale requires a couple of steps, some of which entails the expertise of other professionals. The Marquee Real Estate team will oversee necessary repairs as well as upgrades or renovations that can significantly increase the property’s value. Last but not the least, the team will make sure your home is staged and dressed to its full potential. You can read more about the benefits of home staging here.
  • Help you accomplish necessary paperwork. Home sellers have certain obligations you need to fulfill, such as arranging complete property disclosures for your property. The Marquee Real Estate team will assist and guide you in accomplishing important paperwork and other legalities for a smooth-sailing transaction. If needed, the Marquee Real Estate team will also introduce you to other real estate professionals who can further help you sell your home successfully.
  • Market your property. The Marquee Real Estate team will handle your property’s marketing campaign to generate interest regarding your listing. Successful marketing strategies result in strong offers and a short selling time. Click here to learn more about how Marquee Real Estate markets homes for sale.
  • Represent you in negotiations. As your seller’s agent, the Marquee Real Estate team will represent your best interests during the negotiations. This includes countering offers, taking care of contingency issues, and ensuring the whole process is well-documented from the very start and up to the final closing.

Sell your home in Contra Costa County and the greater East Bay Area today.

To learn more about the home selling process, get in touch with the Marquee Real Estate team at 415-813-2060 or jsaberi(at)marqueerealestate(dotted)net.