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Designer and founder of a luxury real estate brokerage, Jamal can draw upon years of unique experience and help his clients with a specialized outlook on each transaction to make sure they receive the highest level of service.
Having worked in major cities in Europe such as Paris, Milan, London and Hamburg, has given Jamal the understanding of his client’s sensibilities and needs.
His motto “For the pride of ownership.”

About Jamal Saberi

The East Bay area is a great place to settle down, grow roots, and invest in luxury residential real estate with long-term goals in mind. Marquee Real Estate is here to help you unlock your real estate opportunities in East Bay, especially with the knowledge and expertise of Jamal Saberi, your go-to real estate specialist in the region.

Two fruitful decades in the real estate industry

An established real estate developer and consultant, Jamal Saberi has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years, with a background in interior design and construction.

Throughout his years in the real estate industry, Jamal has built an impressive portfolio dealing in the acquisition of luxury real estate, financing, project management, acquisition of materials, design development, and real estate marketing.

Prior to his years in real estate, Jamal heavily dabbled in fashion, taking courses in apparel and design. In Germany, he spent over 6 years as the owner and manager of a luxury lifestyle boutique for men and women. In the process he built connections with local designers, creating brand awareness and successfully developing clever and winning marketing strategies.

Jamal went on to design and direct special occasions such as fashion shows, fundraisers, and corporate events for various blue-chip clients including Adidas and Red Bull in Germany. During this time, he further developed his penchant for creating successful marketing campaigns. In 2008, he boarded the plane and flew to San Francisco to become the store manager of Herve Leger by Max Azria for over two years. In January 2011, Jamal formally entered the real estate industry as founder and CEO of FinEx Real Estate Investment and Marquee Real Estate.

All of this makes Jamal a jack-of-all-trades in East Bay real estate. Whether you need help purchasing a home, designing it to fit your lifestyle and preferences, or making solid real estate investment choices in East Bay communities such as Lamorinda, Berkeley, and Oakland, Jamal can deliver what you need and even go beyond your expectations.

Jamal’s client service philosophy

Aside from a colorful and diverse real estate portfolio, Jamal has established his name as one that is synonymous with exceptional client service in East Bay real estate. For Jamal, every client is a special case that needs careful consideration and attention. Whether you’re buying or selling, expect Jamal to go above and beyond his duties as your real estate agent to deliver a positive and memorable real estate experience with Marquee Real Estate.

Jamal believes in treating all of his real estate transactions with utmost integrity. At the end of the day, his biggest mission is to instill in his clients’ pride of ownership at, at the same time, give back to the community.

Work with Jamal Saberi and Marquee Real Estate

Explore a wealth of luxury real estate opportunities in East Bay area with Marquee Real Estate. Start your real estate experience by visiting Marquee Real Estate’s office at 39 Hacienda Circle, Orinda, CA or get in touch with Jamal’s team at 415-813-2060 or

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