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Marketing Your Home

Gone are the days of pamphlets and “for sale” signs. Today, selling your home requires more creativity in marketing strategies to generate buyer interest not just in your immediate area, but across the country and even the globe. Here are a couple of ways the Marquee Real Estate team can help you market your home effectively to your target demographic.

Detailed online listings

Home searches these days begin in the internet, making duly accomplished and detailed online listings a vital part of your home’s marketing campaign. Never underestimate the power of a complete online listing– clear photos and information about your property have a significant impact on a buyer’s first impression of your home.

  • Exterior shots give prospective buyers a peek of your property. Have it professionally taken or do it yourself with a good camera in tow. Make sure to include ample exterior shots of the home, especially the highlights of the property.
  • Interior shots are a simple way of showing interested buyers around your property. Stage each room to accentuate the house’s best features.
  • Include complete contact details so potential home buyers can easily reach you or your real estate agent.
  • A nice, introductory write-up about the property allows you to set the tone. Include the architectural style of the home, its location and proximity to community amenities and schools, and general information such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house.

Virtual tours

While pictures paint a thousand pictures, virtual tours and videos allow you to tell a great story. Let your prospective buyers get a sense of the property’s space and overall feel through a video or a 360-degree virtual tour. Make it more engaging by adding sound effects, music, or pop-up information about the room/s as potential home buyers tour the home virtually.

Featured property blogs

The Marquee Real Estate team believes in engaging potential home buyers as much as possible if you want a successful home sale. Professionally written and in-depth write-ups will be included in the special blog article especially dedicated to your listing. Other information, such as nearby attractions, shopping venues, restaurants, schools, and entertainment options will be added. Featured property blogs are a great way to paint property listings in greater detail than what is allowed in your usual online listings.

Agent tours

Based on your preference, the Marquee Real Estate team will start hosting agent and broker tours during the first week of the selling process. Agent tours allow your seller’s agent to connect with real estate professionals such as buyer’s agents in his or her network and showcase the property. It’s a great way to network within the local real estate community and, in the process, increase your chances of finding the right buyer for your house.

The Marquee Real Estate team takes into consideration your specific needs and wants in selling your home. For more information about home selling in Contra Costa County and the greater East Bay area, get in touch with Marquee Real Estate today at 415-813-2060 or