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Relocation Services

When you purchase a home, you start a fresh chapter of your life. The Marquee Real Estate team is fully committed to helping clients begin this new and exciting period. The team does this by offering a variety of relocation services personalized to suit every client’s needs and preferences. What you’ll get out of this is a smooth transition from your old home into your new one.

Plan your move

The key to a stress-free move is to plan everything ahead. The Marquee Real Estate team will help you create a realistic relocation timeline. This allows you to set your goals, pay attention to specific tasks you need to do, and streamline the whole moving process.

Start by determining the date you want to complete the move, which could be several months from now or even just a couple of weeks away. Decide whether you need to enlist the help of a moving company or you can do it all by yourself, bit by bit. List down the things you need to do and set up a moving budget. Include all of this in your schedule and leave room for flexibility.

Hire the right professionals

Depending on your needs and your schedule, the Marquee Real Estate team will recommend contractors and other professionals that can help you with your move. From helping you pack and move your items to prepping your new home for occupancy, trust the Marquee Real Estate team to refer local reputable experts.

The Marquee Real Estate has an extensive network composed of real estate professionals and other experts from related fields that can help you make the move easier and stress-free, such as:

  • General contractors and construction professionals
  • Designers
  • Moving companies
  • Home inspectors
  • Home appraisers
  • Architects
  • Utility providers
  • Home insurance companies
  • Other related services

The Marquee Real Estate team can also help you get connected with non-real estate professionals if you’re looking for new services in the area.

Get the home ready for occupancy

Even move-in ready homes need some bit of preparation before you’ll get to properly live in it. The Marquee Real Estate team will help you prepare the home as you see fit. From equipping it with basic utilities such as water, electricity, and Internet connection to making necessary repairs and preferential upgrades and renovations, Marquee Real Estate will see to it that your new home is ready for you.

Get you settled into your new home

After helping you pack and move your belongings to your new home, the Marquee Real Estate team will guide you in other necessary matters, such as updating your address on existing utilities and other mail-related concerns. If you’ve relocated from another city, make sure to register your vehicle to the local DMV and register to vote.

Contact Marquee Real Estate today

To find out more about what the Marquee Real Estate team can do for you when you relocate, get in touch with the team today by calling 415-813-2060 or sending an email to jsaberi(at)marqueerealestate(dotted)net.