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What we do to help

When you work with the Marquee Real Estate team, the whole home buying process becomes a positive and memorable experience you won’t find in other real estate teams.

Marquee Real Estate’s dedicated buyer’s agents are experts in the field, with years of experience helping clients purchase their dream homes in Contra Costa County and the greater East Bay Area.

The difference between a buyer’s agent and a listing agent

Before you start your home search, it will be helpful to distinguish what makes a buyer’s agent different from a listing agent. As the name implies, a buyer’s agent has a duty to you, the home buyer. Meanwhile, a listing agent represents the interests of the home seller. A buyer’s agent will help you look for the house that fits your criteria and price range, negotiate agreeable terms, and guide you throughout the whole home buying process.

What you can expect from Marquee Real Estate

As a home buyer, expect the Marquee Real Estate to…

  • Find the right property. Talk to the team about your set criteria and budget, and the Marquee Real Estate team will do the rest. This includes connecting with affiliates for the best property matches and scouting potential neighborhoods to find homes that meet your needs.But the right property is more than just the house itself. The Marquee Real Estate team will consider other key factors such as location, current property values, and other community features so you can pick a home that goes beyond fitting the bill.
  • Negotiate a better price. As your representative, the Marquee Real Estate team will study all key areas so you can make a strong offer on the home of your dreams. This includes current property values, recent sales of similar properties in the area, and the overall state of the home, among other features. In the past, Marquee Real Estate has successfully negotiated for better home prices and terms, and the team is determined to keep it that way.

  • Connect you with other real estate professionals. The Marquee Real Estate team can handle a lot of work, but we won’t hesitate connecting you with other professionals who can help you with your home purchase. Talk to the team if you need help with financing, appraisals, home inspections, and even finding the best moving company. The Marquee Real Estate team has built a network of reliable and trustworthy connections that will make for an even better home buying experience.
  • Solve problems. In the event certain issues are encountered in the home buying process, trust that the Marquee Real Estate team will provide the appropriate solutions for fast recovery and a relatively hassle-free buying experience. Marquee Real Estate has dealt with many different situations, shaping the team into efficient problem-solvers, unafraid to think outside the box.

Buy a home in Contra Costa County and the greater East Bay Area today.

Get started and learn more about Contra Costa and greater East Bay real estate by contacting the Marquee Real Estate team at 415-813-2060 or jsaberi(at)marqueerealestate(dotted)net.