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Relocation Services

Selling your home and moving into a new one is a life-changing experience. That is why the Marquee Real Estate team goes beyond usual client expectations after a home sale. For the team, the journey doesn’t end with completing the transaction successfully. It ends when you find your new home and transition to your new life seamlessly. The Marquee Real Estate team is here to help you do just that.

Find a place to stay

 Some home sellers choose to move out of the property during the sale. If this is the course of action you want to take, the Marquee Real Estate team can help you look for temporary yet comfortable accommodations.

Create a moving plan

Moving to a new home, especially if you’re coming from a different city or state, requires careful planning. The Marquee Real Estate team always advises clients like you to create a moving plan or file, which includes a schedule and other documents related to the move like your master packing list, and contact information for various services, among other things.

If you’re having troubles on what to prioritize, the Marquee Real Estate team is always free for a sit-down with you. Having helped numerous clients successfully relocate to their new homes, the Marquee Real Estate can help you edit your moving plan and make it more efficient and realistic.

Get in touch with other professionals who can help you

Relocating to your home isn’t a one-man (or one-woman) job. It often requires the help of other knowledgeable professionals to complete the move, from the moving company you’ve chosen to hire to the contractors you want to make certain improvements in your new home. Talk to the Marquee Real Estate team about your needs and the team will make referrals from their extensive network, comprised of professionals from real estate and construction, as well as other fields that can help you with your move.

Prepare your new home

If you have already bought a new home just as you sold your property, the Marquee Real Estate team can help you prepare your new home as needed for the big move. Whether it’s minor repairs to renovations that can increase the property value of your new home, just say the word and the Marquee Real Estate team will run through plans for your approval and take care of the whole operation for you.

Help you get settled

Having troubles with settling into your new home? The Marquee Real Estate team can also help you there. Whether you are looking for a new vet for your furry friends or top-performing schools for your children, the Marquee Real Estate team can lead the way. The main goal is to help you get settled into your new home and finally start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Contact Marquee Real Estate today

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